The new truck Scania R800 and Scania R1000

 Recently appeared on the Internet computer sketches Scania trucks next generation. Judging by the abundance of sketches, a designer who lives in Bursa, he invented the "Scan the future" - and furnished it so that many people think that it is a project of the company.

But the car, you see, get a spectacular, though not entirely believable (one-bumper "snowplow" that costs!). In this case, the front end cost indices R800 and R1000: that is, the designers, skanievskie engine will develop 800 and 1000 horsepower.

Meanwhile, she has declassified Scania conventional sketch of the future truck with engine V8. Figure made of lead designer Alan MacDonald. The project three ideas - emotions, power and efficiency. Next to the sketch made a note in English: "sleek camcorder-wings instead of rear-view mirrors", "exhaust pipe with a powerful appearance", "visible side markers" (orange) and "individual front lights" (white LED).

Here is the comment sketch Head of style and industrial design Scania Christopher Hansen: "Now the popular so-called eco-design with soft shapes. However tractor for a 60-ton train must command respect! People need to talk about it: "A strong and majestic." Thus there should be no doubt that this is the Scania V8. We are committed to "pose" of the machine: it is on the ground, as the outlines can reinforce the impression. To give her athleticism, we want to do on the car, "muscle." In conjunction with our "enveloping T" of the grille and windows as well as aerodynamics it should demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency. Another example of cost - outdoor lighting with new technologies. This is only a preliminary outline, and the new Scania will not necessarily look that way.

According to some information, Scania will be the next generation in 2014. Imagine how comfortable and convenient transportation will be in Kiev at a tractor. On a modern, elegant, powerful, able to pull a truck 10, 20, and tons more.

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