DAF showed new DAF XF 2013

DAF showed a new generation flagship DAF XF Euro 6 in Hanover. Production of the new trucks will begin in spring 2013. Updated tractor was modified design front, making it more aerodynamic. The new grille than modern design provides better cooling of the engine and optimizes air flow.
Bumper, made of galvanized steel, is more reliable and fits perfectly into the design of the new XF. And yet, the truck got new slanting headlights with LED components, LED daytime running lights and optional headlights headlights. All this is great, but DAF XF began to look ... an amateur ... like some Asian truck.
Building on the excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency of the diesel engine PACCAR MX-13 in Europe and North America, DAF developed a new generation of this power unit that meets environmental standards Euro 6. PACCAR MX-13 combines modern technology and proven technical innovation. Using the common rail, turbocharger with variable geometry and efficient exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) will provide excellent fuel economy and reliability. Enhanced neutralization of exhaust gases includes DeNOx catalytic converter and an active particle filter.

New engines PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 are offered in versions with 300 kW (410 hp), 340 kW (460 hp) and 375 kW (510 hp) and torque of 2000-2500 Nm in a broad engine speeds (1000-1425 r / min.) Key principles in the development of new engines was to maintain the same level of fuel as the engines Euro 5 ATe. Resource PACCAR MX-6 is 13 Euro 1.6 million kilometers without cap repair, at 150,000 km service intervals.
The optimal arrangement of the engine and cooling system practically raised floor height cab. Thus, in the cabin are only 3 steps aluminum, arranged in a ladder. Maintain height cab floor to the new XF has provided one of the most spacious cab in the market - the internal volume of 12.6 m3, as well as the excellent visibility from the driver's seat. The interior was not completely new, but has undergone many improvements. New seats PACCAR has an even greater range of adjustments. Even the location of the pedal has been revised. For example, the brake pedal has become much easier to use.

DAF XF got a new steering wheel, and a new color information display on the front panel. The dials were aluminum edging. The switches on the front panel were reclassified to their use easier. On the front panel, as well, there are two cupholders in the center, and the bin next to the driver. Design door panels were also changed - they are on order can be finished with aluminum inserts, as well as the front panel on the passenger side. DAF also increased the length of the mattress in the sleeping compartment to 2.20 m, and placed on the back wall multifunctional control panel, combined with a glove compartment. The new DAF XF now features as standard stabilization system Vehicle Stability Control, which helps prevent the folding and tilting trains. Adaptive cruise control and warning system head-on collision on the list of options, as well as emergency braking system.
The new, lighter rear axle is available for trucks full weight up to 44 tons with engine torque up to 2300 Nm. Stabilink suspension includes anti-roll function, while saving weight. Updated plate used tractor unit and a "smart" battery location has additionally reduce weight tractor. Steering has also been improved. The standard 90-liter tank for liquid AdBlue (140-liter as an option) is located under the car and the battery moved back. Combining DeNOx system and the particle filter in one housing has increased the volume of the fuel tank up to 1500 liters. Well, in addition, the chassis received new rear mudguards and processed fairings.

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